Website Development Services


Website Design

Ter-Web Development Services designs custom sites for businesses and non-profit organizations. We can build a site of any size that will reflect the spirit and flavor of your organization. We can rebuild sites that are out-dated or that fail to attract your target audience. We build web sites from anywhere; we work with organizations all over the North America. Best of all, we are not done until you are satisfied.

We design customized banners, buttons, and embellishments for your website. We can also implement flash animation, a customized intro page, and other special features. All pages include descriptor tags and keywords to maximize search engine ranking.

Special Features

Counters, guest books, forms, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and order forms are all examples of special features we can install on your site. We can implement javascript options, such as a slide show, online quiz, or pop-up mini windows. We also develop customized scripts, such as surveys for data collection. Read more about the special features that can be added to your site.

Site Set-up

We will expertly configure your site to ensure that your domain name (web address), web pages, email addresses, and other features are working smoothly together. We will initiate hosting services for you through our preferred providers, Hostcentric or Blue Genesis, or a hosting company of your choice.

Image Processing

Especially on the Internet, a picture's worth a thousand words. We can take your logo and pictures, on paper or electronic format, and place them anywhere on your site. We can help you select just the right image from our photo collections to enhance your web pages. We can take your dark or poor quality photos and reprocess them for optimal web viewing. We can scan photos or other materials for use on the web, newsletters, or printing.

We can convert graphics files to various formats. We will make quick-loading versions of large images so that customers aren't waiting a long time for your site to materialize. We can convert articles, flyers, or other types of files into pdf format.

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