Website Enhancements

Ter-Web is able to add to your site and upgrade third-party applications such as photo galleries, bulletin boards, and content-management systems.

Popular Features

  • phpBB Disucssion Forum
    Create your own online community, answer visitor questions, and communicate group information.

  • Online Pregnancy Test
    Visitors love our popular online pregnancy test that automatically computes the pregnancy possiblities based on the menstrual cycle.

  • Online Chat
    Use FlashChat for a clean and efficient chat room on your website.

  • Guest Book
    Use GBook guest book to enable visitors to post on your site.

  • Online Photo Album
    Use Gallery2 or Coppermine to share your photos! Upload photos in batches, make albums password-protected, browse pictures as slide shows and more.

  • RSS News Feeds
    Keep your site current and dynamic. Use Gregarius to subscribe to the news (RSS) feeds you choose and have them compiled in a browser-accessible location.

  • Online Calendar
    WebCalendar is a shared calendar application.

  • WordPress Blog
    Engage your visitors by creating a blog. A popular option for supporter sites.

  • Amazon Bookstore
    Recommend all your favorite books, DVDs, and other materials to your clients. Set up an Amazon Associate account and earn a commission for your site sales.

  • Content Management
    Joomla! is a powerful content management application.

Website Commerce

Shopping Carts

  • ShopSite Starter
    A great place to start! ShopSite Starter enables you to sell up to 15 products and offers real-time credit card processing, and is included FREE in many of our hosting plans.

  • ShopSite Manager
    There's no limit to the number of products you can sell through ShopSite Manager. In addition to real-time credit card processing, you'll also be able to add a product search to your site and put products on sale.

  • ShopSite Pro
    Everything Manager offers plus digital coupons, customized templates and more. You'll also be able to market products effectively with a searchable database and other merchandising tools.

  • osCommerce Shopping Cart
    This is an open-source e-commerce solution that offers an out-of-the-box, feature-rich online shopping cart so that you can set up, run and maintain an online store quickly. Thousands of websites feature this widely used shopping cart application.

Accept Payments

  • Accept PayPal
    PayPal payment services enable you to easily and securely receive credit card, debit card and bank account payments online through one of the most trusted names on the Internet. Sign-up for a PayPal business account now.

  • Accept Credit Cards
    PowerPay will allow you to start accepting credit cards through your Web site, and watch your online sales go up!

  • Instant Gift Certificates
    BoomTime Instant Gift Certificates offers your website visitors the ability to shop with you at their convenience, 24 hours a day. Visitors can select, customize, preview and pay for gift certificates right from your site.

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